Tuesday, March 4, 2008

one more NAJP quote

Reading on after the blog entry I just linked to on NAJP's blog, regarding dance critic Segal's layoff, I came across an interesting quote posted by former Times chief dance critic John Rockwell:

"In this age of the Internet, for a newspaper to sit on its hands while the blogs are alive with facts and rumors is suicidal...What worries me, especially under the threat of Internet competition, is how sober newspapers like the Times, still clinging to their sweet dreams of fairness and objectivity, may be easing up on their former scruples about checking and double-checking not only the facts but the tone in which they are presented."

Very very interesting. I like this blog I just found...check it out.


Philip aka Oberon said...

"...the threat of Internet competition..."???

Do the mainstream publications really feel THREATENED by us lowly bloggers?

Why? Because we're fast? Because we create a buzz and allow immediate interaction?

Taylor said...

It's interesting, right?

If you read the blog that quote came from, he's talking about the Ratmansky coming to NYCB issue, and how apparently buzz was already floating around online before the Times got to it, and he thinks they didn't do a sufficient job in reporting it.

I don't know if I personally would use the word 'threat,' but I do think bloggers have a speedier advantage than traditional journalists...