Thursday, April 3, 2008

critical course

I was a good little sick child today and stayed home to rest my cold, skipping both rehearsal AND the New Yorker today. I was not thrilled about that, especially because if I'm going to take a day off on a nice sunny day I'd rather be out in the park or something rather than being sick with no voice. Anyway.

I DID get out to go to the first session of a course I'm taking at DTW called Writing on Dance with one of the critics from the Times. Trying to introduce myself as you do on the first day of these kinds of things without a voice was perhaps more of a challenge than trying to teach yesterday sans voice. Haha. It was great's nice to have a forum to discuss dance criticism on that level, especially in these times of cutbacks (Jowitt, Segal...) and conversation. I'm excited about taking the course over the next few weeks and getting feedback on my writing. More on my ever-growing to-do list, but it's good...

Speaking of dance critics, anyone planning on attending the Dance Critics Association conference in June? Even if you're not a critic it sounds like it's going to be a fascinating weekend...I'm trying to plan on attending :)

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