Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yasuko's show saves my day

Gosh, I had a really rather awful, insane day today. Moreso than usual.

LUCKILY I was saved tonight by a WONDERFUL performance at The Kitchen. Yasuko Yokoshi's "Reframing the Framework DDD" is so good, and if you don't have plans to see it this weekend you need to rearrange your schedule immediately. I had to go and review it for my Writing on Dance course (still the highlight of my week) and all of us sat together...and it was great...

The piece brings a group of senior high school students from Vermont into a recreation of David Gordon's 1984 piece "Framework." We watched a clip of it in class before heading over to The Kitchen all together, but this work stands on its own without any prior knowledge necessary of the original piece. I'm doing a full review to be posted later tonight or in the morning, but wow. Good stuff.

See Claudia (teacher of my beloved writing course)'s feature about the work in Sunday's NY Times here. Tickets here.

My review to come soon. It was a nice night after a hectic first time at The Kitchen, which is a nice downtown space. And a (Village Voice dance critic) Deborah Jowitt sighting. And before the show I was talking with some classmates and Claudia about the lack of full time dance critics. I think we established that Alastair at the Times is the last one in the US actually on staff at a mainstream publication. Oy.

Anyways...go see the show if you can. It saved me from going insane tonight, haha.

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