Wednesday, April 30, 2008

so this is what college kids do

If you've only read this blog and never met me (or even if you have) you'd pretty much have no inkling that I have a life outside of dance. I admit, most of the time I don't! BUT this morning I went to show some school spirit since I haven't had much to do with my college since I graduated in January.

Every spring they hold "Strawberry Fest" with free food and fun outside the school (they close off a block of New York City...yes, that is our campus right there). I wrote about last year's festivities for The Monitor here (see p. 11). I mainly went just to pick up my senior t-shirt, haha, but enjoyed some snacks on the way.

Some pictures from this morning's amusement...think advisors in a dunk tank, teachers climbing a wall in the middle of the street, and thousands of strawberries being eaten with a loud band. This is the extent of my "real life" college experience, haha.

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