Tuesday, April 22, 2008

showcase rehearsal

We've started rehearsing for another little student showcase like we had in February with the people I take open class with. It's set for June 1, but my teacher is going away for the month of May so we are scrambling to finish setting choreographing and everything. There's a lot more people involved this time and it's a little chaotic, but it's fun..

I'm doing the Pas D'esclave pas de deux from Corsaire, and the variation that goes along with it. I'm also supposed to be doing this modern-ish solo thing, but we haven't had time or space to rehearse it in a month so that might be off. Plus there are several group pieces and such in the works, so it should be a nice little show. It falls right after my first week of ABT's intensive, though, so that week is going to be insane!

It's nice to have so much going on though. I'm doing an audition this afternoon and have a few other prospective opportunities in the works, both dance and otherwise, so I'll be posting more soon.

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