Sunday, April 27, 2008

finally saw Cedar Lake

After hopelessly retaining myself from reading everyone's blog posts about Cedar Lake's Glassy Essence Installation this week, I finally got to see the performance last night.

It was great. So different from a traditional performance, and very cool. I'll be writing more detail soon (I know I keep promising to do that - and I WILL do it, but I have finals this week among other drama)...I think this is where dance is headed, though. The interactivity with the audience is much more engaging than watching something abstract, sitting still, in darkness. Hm.

To complete my 5 consecutive day run of seeing performances, today I'm going to "Dance at Dicapo" where Nilas & Co. is performing. Looking forward to that...

The next week or two is going to be crazy...between writing reviews of everything I've seen this week, finishing up projects and exams for grad school (where did the semester go??), starting a new job (and waiting to hear back on another, important job...), and some other stuff, I'll be luckily if I make it through alive...

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