Saturday, April 26, 2008

Take Dance & more

What a busy Saturday and a full week(end) of dance events!

I'm running between performances and classes right now...Lots to write about...

This morning I went to a blogger preview of Take Dance, a company founded by former Paul Taylor dancer Takehiro Ueyama. Their performances will be at the Miller Theater at Columbia University May 15-17 at 8pm.

It was such a nice morning. Fellow bloggers Philip and Evan were there, and later I met Winger fan Sophie (had to laugh, she knew who I was before I introduced myself from my pics on the Winger...hah cool!) and it was nice to see everyone and chat about upcoming shows, since I missed the big blogger event at Cedar Lake the other night (but I'm going tonight...).

Anyway the dancing...was soooo good! Take's choreography is very free and released, with lots of swinging and throwing of the body. All the dancers looked like they were enjoying themselves so much. It seemed so natural for them, almost to the point that they were comfortable it seemed they good be improvising just from their own internal impulses of movement. I wanted to get up and move! It was interesting to see the process as well, as they worked through lifts and tough spots in between running the pieces. Being that close to the dancers was cool too, because you could share their energy entirely, feeling the landing of their jumps through the floor of the Duke studios (nice facility by the way...never been there).

I'm looking forward to seeing them perform in May. Take also has a piece in Eugene Lang College's spring performance next weekend at Ailey, so I'll be heading to that as well. Exciting.

Took class right afterwards and am having a quick coffee/blogging break now before pointe class later, and then seeing Cedar Lake's Glassy Essence. I've been at the theater, one or another, every night this week since Wednesday. Watching dance. That's a lot for one week...and a lot of writing to come from it (soon). Keep an eye out, and go see some performances if you're around!

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sophie said...

it was so nice to meet you! thanks for the tips on the abt super audition - hopefully i'll see you at one of them!