Wednesday, April 2, 2008

teaching without a voice hard!

Being sick is no fun.

I slept in instead of drudging through rehearsal this morning, but I still had to get in gear and go teach this afternoon. It was nice out so I took my medicine and cheered myself up by walking in the sun up to the school (and getting ice cream for lunch to make my throat feel better, haha).

It's hard to teach when you can't talk louder than a whisper, haha. I did my best and we got through it...we're in the process now of cleaning up the choreography since we finished learning/teaching everything last week. I've been tweaking some phrases here and there that just weren't working for them, and now it's coming along. We still have lots of work to do but they all seem to be looking stronger, so that's good. We have an official performance date of May 16, so not too far away!

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emma said...

aw tay i hope your throat feels better soon!