Monday, April 21, 2008

Times on Kirov/Balanchine

And so Macaulay's final foray from the Kirov's season comes...

I'm a little confused by it, though...he argues both that the Kirov's style and Balanchine's style are exceedingly similar and that there also is a huge gap between the two:

First, "When you watch the Kirov dancing any Balanchine ballet, you see how strong a stylistic connection still runs between the two."

Later, "But it’s also true that the Kirov dancing almost any Balanchine ballet will show how deep the chasm is between these two ballet cultures."


He didn't like "Rubies," which was my favorite of the program...However I do agree with his opinion of Lopatkina.
Just finding it interesting with these performances to see all the different critical perspectives. There is so much history and such a complex context with which to place this season and judge it, particularly the Balanchine program. Very interesting.

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