Sunday, April 6, 2008

Petronio & private lesson

This afternoon I went to see Stephen Petronio's Company to review for ExploreDance. It was pretty good...I haven't been to a performance in a few weeks so it was nice to get out and see something. Plus I am reinspired to think in a writer's mindset about dance thanks to the writing on dance course I started last week. So I just finished writing my review and I had to abide by the rules for that class as well since I'll be turning it in for that on top of ExploreDance. It's a challenge only writing 300 words rather than my usual endless amount for online!

Anyway, after Petronio I had my monthly private with my teacher. Despite my being sick, she pushed me hard as always. What's good is that we can take the time to break down simple steps and clean things up piece by piece instead of always rushing through things and cheating as I admittedly often do in normal class. It's still frustrating, though, because moving slowly I see my body's limitations even clearer, haha. Ballet is tough. Ugh. I'll be sore tomorrow, haha.

Busy week coming up. Back to rehearsals, a few interviews to do and articles to finish, stuff for school to be never ends!

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