Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jose Carreno to Retire

A lot of people saw this coming soon, but it's still sad!

ABT Principal Jose Manuel Carreno will be retiring in August 2011. He will have the necessary fanfare farewell evening at The Met on June 30 during Swan Lake week at ABT.

I always think of Carreno as a true prince - a real artist. Even though he is of the older dancers, his technique is still of the strongest and his presence is so strong onstage. I really liked him in "Kings of the Dance" last spring, and of course seeing him backstage when I super with ABT is always an honor. This year during Romeo & Juliet I was watching act I from the downstage right wing by the stage manager's table, and he came over, marking the arms of all of Romeo's steps and tapping to the beat. I thought it was sweet that he made sure we could all see the stage even though we're just nobody, haha.

He will be missed onstage! Hope he's dancing a lot this season...

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