Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recovery: Days 7 & 8

I can't believe it's already been a week since the surgery!

In some ways it's flown by. At the same time it's like, yep, it's only been a week. 3 months to go...

I'm officially off the painkillers, which is good. I still have pain (and stupid insomnia...) at night, but it's definitely getting better. I'm officially booked to head back to the city this Friday afternoon, and I can't wait! There are lots of exciting performances coming up that I want to see, plus I have to get back to work. I go back to the doctor on Monday morning and then the following week I guess I'll have the stitches taken out. After that I should be able to start PT!

I'm looking forward to at least being able to walk with the boot and not have to use the crutches. They're such a pain! It takes me forever to go up or down stairs. And if we're out at a store or something I get exhausted after 15 minutes of walking/standing. My opposite hip is killing me from compensating for the bad foot, and my back feels all torqued. I'm hoping PT will help with all that once I get started...

In the meantime I've just been taking it easy. The day after the surgery (before which I had taken a full barre...haha) I tried to get right into doing some floor barre and stretches and abs to keep myself in as good a shape as possible. But after that the pain got worse and I got sick and so on and so on, so I've been taking a break from everything. Now that I'm not really hurting (where it would be hurting...) I'm trying today to restart the process of staying in shape.

Here goes!

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