Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Performance Videos + Rehearsals Start Tonight

Just got the first clips of last weekend's Performing in New York Showcase. This was "Tarantella" based on Bournonville's ballet "Napoli" staged by my teacher Kat Wildish. These are mostly adult students who may otherwise not have the chance to really perform. I had just a small part towards the end because it was my last show on the evil achilles.

Renowned ballet teacher Kat Wildish created the Performing in New York Showcases to give her eclectic adult students at The Ailey Extension a rare opportunity: the chance to perform real classical repertoire in a professional theater in midtown Manhattan. The shows, held 3 weekends per year at The Ailey Citigroup Theater, have grown from serving just a 20-person studio audience in 2008 to being sold-out successes. Small professional troupes and open class students in other dance styles join the passionate, international cast. Kat believes every dancer deserves to achieve their dreams of performance, no matter their age or level. Her open-level repertory workshop of weekly rehearsals provides top-notch insight and coaching to professional and beginner dancers alike.

I'm assistant director of these shows basically - so I do A LOT. Besides most of the administrative stuff, I also helped stage "Giselle's Friends Dance" with Kat. My job was basically to big time clean up little details, since we only had 3 weeks of rehearsals. Video below...I'm really pleased with it and proud of everyone :)

I also performed with Exit 12 Dance Company in this show, but that video will come soon...

If anyone - ANYONE - in the city is interested in participating and performing in our November show, they start rehearsals tonight at 9pm at Ailey! Obviously I won't be there for a few weeks to help, but it's so worth doing if you've ever dreamed of performing classical ballet and thought you'd never have the chance. More info and signup here. 4 performances on Thanksgiving Weekend at The Ailey Citigroup Theater. Mark your calendars!

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