Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recovery: Day 4

Boy, today I just surpassed the epitome of cool.

I was feeling a ton better than yesterday so I went out to lunch and finally got to eat something (yesterday I was so nauseous all day I hardly had a thing :/ ). Then because I was BORED and didn't just want to come home, my grandmother took me to Walmart. And I was wheeled around in a wheel chair. Not just any old wheel chair. A gigantic chair with a basket attached and the works. I was pretty much the coolest thing to hit this small town, haha.

It really was nice to get out though. For the past two days I've literally just slept most all the time. Not sure if the medicine was catching up with me or something, but I had a massive headache and was so nauseous. I cut back on the painkillers but just everything was miserable.

Luckily after 12 hours of sleep I was way better this morning. Thank goodness!

Anyway after my Walmart escapades I went to the park where my mom was selling her jewelry at the town fair. It was nice to be outside for a bit! I miss sitting by the water in the city...but anyway it was fun to see some old friends around the park and be in the sunshine.

Now it's time for more rest. I hardly did anything today (though I did make a round through the fair on the crutches) but I'm exhausted. This boot is like lugging around a 20 pound ankle weight, the crutches definitely work my arms. I'm trying to take advantage of all the rest I can get while I'm still home in Massachusetts...I know it's gonna be 10 times worse trying to get around the city...

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