Friday, September 24, 2010

Recovery: Day 15 - Goodbye Crutches!

Yesterday was my first day without the crutches!

It was a momentous occasion :) Those things have been slowly killing me, one day at a time, making life in this city miserable. 3 days after the doctor said I could slowly wean myself off of them, they're long gone! I'm happy.

I'm still in the giant, heavy boot and I still walk super slow and can't really do stairs well, but it's so much better than before. I have to wear a really high shoe on my right foot though to balance out the giant-ness of the boot. It's kind of awkward to walk least I can. I was a little afraid I'd go one day and be like, uh oh, still need them. The foot doesn't really hurt without them, but my calf is a little twingy and if I go far I start to feel it. It's better than the serious arm and back pain I was having earlier this week!

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