Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recovery: Day 2

Molly and Lucy make me smile when my foot hurts :)

You know when you have a really long, tough day of dancing and you hardly feel the soreness the first 2 days...but they always say the 3rd day is the worst?

Yeah, well...the 3rd day is the worst!

Last night I really started to feel the pain in my foot :( The medicine had been working really well and I've been prompt in taking it, but overnight it got really really bad. Part of what I feel is the actual incision, I think, and part is like deep inside the back of my foot, which I assume is the bone they shaved down. Ick - I don't like thinking about that! It's feeling a bit better now that I'm up and about but...

I'm slowly starting to get the hang of the crutches a little better. I've figured out how to go UP stairs now, although I'm still a little shaky. I haven't attempted going down more than 1 stair - sliding down on my butt is just so much easier, haha. I'll learn's only been 2 days.

As bored as I am being at home, I think it was definitely a smart move for me to come be with my parents rather than trying to tough out this immediate recovery in the city in my 3rd floor walkup or even staying with a friend. I'm lucky to have such a supportive family who can (temporarily) wait on me hand and foot :) haha.

It helps to have my two cute dogs with me all day, too!

This afternoon I'm trucking myself to the movies for a change of scenery, and then later I'm going to my mom's dance studio to watch a class or two. It's always fun to go there - although it's going to be hard to resist trying to dance! Yesterday I did some abs and floor barre TWICE because I just needed to get moving. I'm no good at resting, haha. Maybe that's why the pain is extra bad today...

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