Monday, September 27, 2010

Recovery: Days 16-19

Not much happening on the recovery front these past few days. I'm so thrilled to be off the crutches, but the boot still makes traveling a hassle. I have to walk pretty slow (well, slow compared to my normal New York pace) and stairs are a pain. I can't do the subway stairs yet, so it still takes an hour or more to get most anywhere via bus(es). Not so fun.

At home I've started taking the boot off to walk around and that seems to be going okay, sort of. My ankle joint is super stiff and it starts to hurt if I fully roll through my foot as I walk.'s getting there. It's supposed to be at least another week before I try to go boot-less.

In the meantime I'm getting very restless. I want to dance SO badly! I've been sitting in on rehearsals for Nutcracker and for our November show at Ailey and I've been standing to do arms and mark the legs of choreography, but it's SO tempting to just dance! Saturday I accidentally sort of jumped on the bad foot - stupid - and that was the end of that. I think even when I'm out of the boot I may still have to wear it in rehearsals for a while to force me not to do things!

I start PT on Wednesday and depending on what he says, I may try to start back with my yoga as much as I can (maybe no standing poses...). I miss moving. My body feels sort of weird...I feel sort of loose and mushy from not working my muscles, but at the same time my back and hips ache as if I've had a tough class. Strange.

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