Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Article on Injuries

Last night I was going through some things and happened to come across the first big article I ever had published in print - and ironically it was about dancers and serious injuries:

from Movmnt Magazine Spring 2008

I remember sitting through these interviews at the time, both in awe of the wonderful people I was speaking to and in strong sympathy for their stories of pain and recovery. Only now that I'm going through it all myself does my own writing take on new meaning. Hmm...

My last paragraph:

"Despite their temporary loss of ability for creative expression, the injured try to stay positive. “To get back from an injury is like getting ready for the next show,” says (ABT soloist Carlos) Lopez. “At the end of the day you’re investing in your body. That’s what you have. This career is not that long as a performer. I think if I can invest as much as I can right now, then I have time later to recover from the damage that we’re doing all these years.” Dancers face these inherent problems daily, but like life, the show must go on."

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