Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Directors at The Ailey School

I guess this was announced a few weeks ago but somehow I missed it with all this surgery business and being out of town.

"The Ailey organization announced that Tracy Inman and Melanie Person have been named Co-Directors of The Ailey School. Since the passing of Denise Jefferson, the beloved long-time Director of The Ailey School, Inman and Person have served as Acting Co-Directors. Both have long-standing careers with the Ailey organization and have previously been Co-Directors of The Junior Division and Associate Directors of The Ailey School."

(When I'm healthy) I spend a LOT of time each week at The Ailey Studios taking class - but mostly in the Extension Program. It was a real shame to have Ms. Jefferson pass away this summer. She would sometimes come in to morning class to take barre with our open class, and she always had a smile. She was a huge part of the Ailey Organization and it will be interesting to see how the new co-directors take over.

It's obviously a time of great transition at Ailey, with Ms. Jamison leaving next year as Artistic Director of the main company. It sounds like we'll be in good hands all around though!

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